The Art Of Calligraphy

The word calligraphy originates from two Greek words, the first being ‘kallos’ which means beauty, and ‘graphia ‘which translates into writing.

Calligraphy over many centuries has played a tremendously important part in the history of communications. In times gone by laws and treaties, religion, science and history itself has been preserved for us through calligraphy.

When we look at manuscripts dating back 800 perhaps 1000 years we see the time and the skill taken by the calligraphers of the day to ensure that everything was not only recorded correctly but will also be very pleasing to the eye.

How many of us have sat back and admired certificates and labels and indeed invitations that have been written by those who have practised calligraphy for many a year. We often think that it will be nice and extremely pleasing to attempt such works of art, but then reality creeps in and such works of arts begin to seem unobtainable to the complete novice.

However, they say practice makes perfect and quite soon you should be able to produce an extremely acceptable single sheets of prose or poetry. And just to see how far you have progressed date each piece of work you produce. Very soon you will look back and see just how far you have progressed.

You will no doubt develop your own style as the mediaeval scribes did simply because they wrote all their working lives with one type of pen , and they only had one type of surface upon which to write upon. Today we are extremely fortunate that we can select various styles, various calligraphy pens and indeed a mix and match to your hearts content.

When you first start to experiment with calligraphy it is probably best that you use a fountain pen that has a cartridge.

As you gain confidence and become more competent with your chosen fountain pen you may wish to switch to the many specialised dip pens that are on the market. These will undoubtedly help you produce extremely fine quality work.

Don’t be frightened by accidents and misspellings as they are bound to happen and it is only by constant practice and the ability to slow down your writing that these mistakes will be eliminated.

You may already have a particular favourite fountain pen which you are very comfortable with, now all you need to do is to change your nib to a calligraphy nib. The good people at Westminster Pens have gone the extra mile not only to find you calligraphy nibs of varying widths but also of outstanding quality as provided by the world-renowned nib makers Bock .

Should you use one of our Fountain pens or one of our calligraphy nibs send us a copy of what you have produced and will feature it on our social media pages.