White Zaphyr Ballpoint Pen

White Zaphyr Ballpoint Pen


We have broken away from the normal style of ballpoint pen and we are proud to introduce our White Zaphyr Ballpoint Pen.

This pen is not suitable for engraving.

As with all of our other white  fountain pens and pens the colour is slightly off-white which we feel adds a subtle feeling to all of the pens produced in this material.

The grip on this ballpoint pen has been enlarged slightly to give a move positive grip when using the ballpoint pen.

The material used in the making of this pen is a high grade, modern raw material used for the manufacture of components and works of art.
This material consists of a mixture of different mineral base materials compounded with a resin component, and is so pleasant to the touch.

Chrome  plated attachments have been added to the pen and to activate the pen simple turn one half turn of the finial ( the top part ) and the nib appears.

In order to keep your pen safe when travelling we have provided you with a free complementary velvet pouch in which to store your pen in.