Conway Stewart Heather Fountain Pen

Conway Stewart Heather Fountain Pen


The subtle blend of colours used in the body of Conway Stewart Heather Fountain Pen provides a rustic yet strong image.

Gold plated attachments have been added to complement the Conway Stewart Heather look and a premium BEAUFORT nib comes as standard. You can if you wish upgrade your pen nib, you may even choose to fit a Bock calligraphy nib to your fountain pen. For our left handed fountain pen lovers we have a Bock nib especially for you. Visit our BOCK nibs section for a great selection of high end fountain pen nibs.

A cartridge and a high quality converter come as standard, and the complete fountain pen is presented in a complementary pen box for safe keeping.

If your fountain pen is a gift then all you need to do is choose your favourite wrapping paper.