Calligraphy Glass Dip Pen Holder

Calligraphy Glass Dip Pen Holder


Our Calligraphy  Glass Dip Pen holder is proving to be very popular

When someone gave us the idea of producing a glass dip pen we sat up and gave it some thought.

After having spent quite some time in refining this item , here is our glass dip pen holder.

The dip pen  holder is approx. 9 inches in length and the glass nibs  are just over 1.25 inches in length. As with our other dip pen we have given the holder a ‘ waist ‘, we feel that this makes it easier to hold and control.

When writing with the glass dip pen there is no need for any pressure to placed on the pen as the glass nib just glides across the paper.

We fully understand that you will have to dip the glass pen into the ink pot quite often in order to refill the glass nib and only by using it will you find the pens ‘ sweet spot ‘ but when you do it is a pleasure to write with.

The beauty of our crafted pen holder  is that should you accidently break the glass nib a replacement glass nib can easily be inserted and you can continue using the holder.

The holder does not come with a glass nib, but we have a number of them on the site for you to purchase.