Whisky Cufflinks

Whisky Cufflinks


We have crafted these whisky cufflinks from the same wood that we have used to created our Whisky fountain pen that can be found in our Hampstead Collection.

A wonderful pair of cufflinks made from the staves of a barrel that once contained Jack Daniels whisky.
These handcrafted cufflinks would appeal to both ladies and gentlemen.
The cufflink itself is gold plated with a generous 15mm centre that shows the beauty of the whisky barrel stave.
The wood itself has been worked until its is silky smooth and then covered in an generous amount of natural oil in order to bring out the natural beauty of this wood.
The inserted wood has been kept at the same level as the cabochon so that it does not rub against any clothing and cause damage.
The cufflink will come in its own velvet type pouch for safe keeping.

* This is a genuine piece of Jack Daniels wood as we personally went to the Cooperage in Scotland to pick it up *

You can Choose from Jack Daniels, Jim Beam. Just drop us an email if its anything other than Jack Daniels.