Materials Used in Constructing Your Pen

Right from day one, we made the decision that we would only concern ourselves with quality pens and fountain pens, We will not stock a product just because others do so.

Take a few minutes to have a look around our shop and here you will find an exciting array of fountain pens, rollerball pens, ball point pens that would grace any desk.

The BUCKINGHAM COLLECTION Each Dragon Range fountain pen is made from an extremely high grade modern material using both mineral and acrylic compounds. This material is used in the manufacture of high class works of art. Because of its natural properties the fountain pen will be very resistant to everday oils and grease, and is extremely pleasant to the touch. The marking on the body of the fountain pen reminded us of a bygone age when dragons roamed the land and the scales you see on the pen just jump out at you. We are one of the very few companies in the UK to use this exciting material.
The markings on the fountain pen are extremely life like, but to the touch the pen is as smooth as silk. Visit our shop and the Buckingham Collection to see other colours in this series.

Fountain pens chosen from the CHELSEA, RICHMOND, MAYFAIR and BUCKINGHAM range will come with a premium BEAUFORT nib that will provide you with great service for many years to come, but you will also have the option in upgrading your fountain pen nib to one of the world renown BOCK fountain pen nibs. These pen nibs are availiable in not only different sizes but we also cater for those fountain pen lovers who are left handed.
Calligraphy pen nibs are also availiable and because you care about how your writing will look , the smoothness of the BOCK nib will only enhance it.

The attachments and filling mechanism in your pen is provided by BEAUFORT , who ensure that all their parts are of a very high quality giving you peice of mind and ensuring that they will last.
When all these individual parts are constructed into one fountain pen, the result is a fountain pen that you will be proud to own, or even better give as a cherished gift.
Your fountain pen is a working instrument add to this a quality ink, a fine quality paper and who knows where it may end?

Remember also, we provide you with a complimentary pen box in which to store your fountain pen safely, or if the pen is to be given as a gift you can rest assured that your gift will be perfectly displayed.