Does Fountain Pen Ink Fade ?.

Does fountain pen ink fade ?

This question has been asked by many over the years, but the answer is not quite as simple as it would seem and it depends on a number of factors.

Firstly the colour of the ink has to be taken into account and it is quite well known that the colour red will fade quicker than the colour blue, but that is if you allow your writing constant exposure to daylight . The reds will bleach out much quicker than the blues.

Another factor to take into account is the quality of the ink that you may choose to use. If you want a totally black colour then you should consider using India ink, some say that this is a particular brand of ink when the truth is – it is a type of ink.

Modern fountain pen ink does appear to last a long time, but as with all things there are proviso’s and the main one is keeping your written work stored away from damaging light. There are instances where letters dating over 100 years have been read without any problems at all.

Inks made by today’s manufacturers are made to last and as with most things in life you will lean towards one brand or the other, having decided on a brand the next difficult choice is what colour to use, and that is a completely different topic of discussion.

Here at Westminster Pens you are offered a number of different coloured inks but regardless which colour you decide to use we say to you, enjoy writing with a fountain pen because if you enjoyed writing your words others will definitely enjoy reading them.

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