Caring for your Fountain Pen

Fountain pens in one form or another have been with us for many years. From the humble quill to diamond studded fountain pens caring for your fountain pen is essential, they all perform the same function. Although it has to be said that some fountain perform better than other.

​The tips given below can be used  whether you use a cartridge or a filler type convertor with your fountain pen.

​Your favourite fountain pen could  even become a family heirloom being handed down from generation to generation.

The first thing we say is try and use your fountain pen everyday. Fountain pens love to be used, and by using them regularly they will be kept in  good  working  order and will provide you with  many years of perfect service.

When using your fountain pen, always  try and write on good quality paper - you will find that your  fountain pen will glide over the paper effortlessly.

If you can always try and flush out the old ink  from your pen when refilling it.  It's quite easy to do, just place the nib of your fountain pen in a glass of  clean water, draw in this water just as you would ink and then expel the water - but not back into the clean water container that you are using.  Just repeat this a number of times until the water that you are expelling also runs clean.

If you have not used your fountain pen for quite some time you may find that the nib becomes clogged.  All you need to do is place the fountain pen nib into a glass of water until such time as the ink in the nib becomes unblocked.  Should this happen then we would suggest that you flush your fountain pen out as described above.

When you are storing your pen try to ensure that it is stored with the nib pointing upwards.

If you are you are travelling overseas try and ensure that you fountain pen is either completely empty or completely full.  Anywhere in between and you could be asking for problems.  Because of air pressure in the aircraft,  the ink could be pushed through your fountain pen and the results could be that you could end up with ink everywhere. If we had to choose one of the above methods it would be to keep your fountain pen empty  for the duration of the flight.

Try and use bottled ink if possible.  By doing this you can change the colour of your ink regularly and this will keep your writing interesting.

A handwritten note is so very personal.

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