Bottled Ink or Cartridge Ink?

At one time there was no choice – it was bottled ink or nothing. To be honest even the colour of the ink was very limited.

Now the different bottled inks available is huge and they all have a trendy sounding name.

With modern technology came the humble cartridge and this for a time seemed to transform everything. But like with most things fountain pen users settled into one of the two camps.

Its not for me to say which is the better system, each has its own merits. I suppose if you are mainly office bound then the bottled ink has to be the clear choice, you will have endless amounts of ink at your disposal, but not only that, the different colours that are available to you are huge.
If you are a fountain pen user that is on the move then the cartridge ink is the clear winner, its size and ease of use are its features. You no longer need to carry the ink bottles around with you running the risk that they may just open or break and cause untold damage.

For me, and people say that I am biased, it has to be the bottled ink. There is nothing more calming then taking your fountain pen to bits and filling its reservoir up with your favourite ink. My mind seems to wonder at this stage with what words will flow onto the paper when then serious work begins.

Each of you will have a good argument as to which ever is best, and I would not dare to disagree with any of you as the main point of the exercise is to keep on writing and more importantly keep on writing using the trusted and traditional fountain pen.
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