Benefits To Switching Back To Fountain Pens

Fountain pens have made a comeback of sorts recently and although fans of the writing instrument might say they never left, fountain pen usage had decreased due to technology.

That is, technology and cheap, disposable pens. Now, many fountain pen manufacturers are creating new lines of fountain pens that are easier to use and easier to maintain, two factors that detracted many buyers.

With easier, more affordable fountain pens available, we here at Westminster Pens have decided to share with you some of the benefits of switching back to fountain pens for both office and student use. Here are 5 benefits to using a fountain pen over a standard disposable pen:

Writing. One of the biggest advantages to fountain pens is the beauty they add to your penmanship. Whether you choose a medium or small nib, your writing style will come through in the beautifully printed words you see on the paper. Thank you notes, contracts and other important documents will immediately look more formal and your signature will become more prevalent.

Fountain pens are especially useful for those who struggle with cursive writing as the smoothness of a split nib and capillary action will make writing fun again.

Comfort. Fountain pens are undeniably more comfortable than any other pen ever created. You don’t have to grip them as tightly as a conventional pen and, being larger in diameter, most fountain pens seem as though they were custom fit to your hand. Best of all, fountain pens work best at a natural angle, unlike ballpoints.

Longevity. The fountain pen was developed in 1879, and some of the original pens are still in use today. If properly used and maintained, a fountain pen will last hundreds of years requiring a new nib occasionally.

Value. While many people may think that fountain pens have to be expensive to be quality, this isn’t always true. Mont Blanc, Visconti, and Pelikan all make very high-end pens, but you don’t need a high-end pen to get started. Being refillable, fountain pens offer users exceptional value over replacing ballpoint pens when they run out of ink.

Repair. Fountain pens are repairable. If your nib breaks, you can purchase a new one and install it yourself or have it installed professionally. If you are refilling your fountain pen and you damage the cartridge, you can order a new one. Even if your fountain pen becomes clogged with ink, it is still a simple fix.

Modern fountain pens are easy to use, comfortable to write with and offer the user value over conventional ballpoint pens. To learn more about fountain pens, contact Westminster Pens today.

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