Are fountain pen sales on the increase ?.

Are fountain pen sales on the increase ?.

You would be forgiven if you said the answer is definitely no they are not !!!. Well the honest answer is that yes fountain pen sales continue to grow year upon year, so the people at Westminster Pens are being told.

With onset of the computer and a host of other hi-tech electrical items experts estimated that the humble fountain pen would soon cease to exist. Why would anyone wish to write when you can send a letter across the world in a fraction of a second, why would you want to go out and post your letter when by the press of a button your letter will have been delivered?
For the sake of speed the computer will win hands down.

But when you take the time and effort to sit down with your own thoughts, clutching your favourite fountain pen in one hand and perhaps a glass of French wine in the other dare I say it, the humble fountain pen will always win hands down.

Before the onset of the mighty computer the humble fountain pen had to stand its ground with the advent of the ball point and the rollerball and a myriad of other fancy inventions which attempted to overpower the fountain pen. Many have tried and all have failed. The fountain pen chose to fight back with improvements in both the filling mechanism and the quality of the most important part of the pen – the nib.

The nib now comes in a variety of guises and the myth that people who write left handed would be unable to use a fountain has been well and truly put to bed. Left handed writers can now enjoy the experience of using a fountain pen each day.

We no longer have ‘ inky ‘ fingers and blotted handkerchiefs – these are a thing from a bygone age, improvements in the fountain pen mechanism have banished these inky fingers and blotted handkerchiefs to the history books.

Calligraphy is now so popular that a complete new industry has evolved, and no longer do we need to use a ‘ quill ‘ with a bottle of ink by the side. Choose your weapon – a fountain pen made from traditional wood or step into the 21st century and use a fountain pen made from carbon fibre, now all you have to do is change the nib and away you go.
The humble fountain pen has been with us for many years and we have no doubt that it will still be standing tall, head and shoulders above anything else that society can throw at it and future generations will still marvel at something that has stood the test of time.

We leave you with this thought – when Heads of State, Presidents, and Prime Ministers sign official documents the trusty fountain pen is their first and only choice.
That ladies and gentlemen says it all.

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