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At Westminster Pens we have a varied selection of fountain pens and pens that would grace any desk, and if you are looking for a birthday gift or to reward a  loyal employee for their hard work what better way than to present them with a unique fountain pen.

When making our pens we combine the finest materials not only from a bygone age but we also embrace material such as 'Tru-stone', 'Syn-Gem' which have the feel and smoothness of marble, and look stunning. We also remember a by-gone age when to own a Conway Stewart fountain pen was really special, visit our Chelsea collection to see a number of fountain pens that we have been able to create from materials used by Conway Stewart.

Take a look at our Buckingham Collection where we have added The Black Knight and the White Knight Fountain Pens and mechanical pencils, both individually and as a matching set.  This would make a fantastic gift for some special.

Each pen bought from us comes with its own presentation box or its own velvet type pouch together with a 12 months guarantee.

All of our pens and fountain pens are unique and no two will ever be the exact same.




Take a look at our wooden pen and desk tray in the Accessories section. This would grace any desk. All of our pens and inks will fit this traditional desk and pen tray.

Desk tray

Wooden pen and desk tray.

Guinea Fowl Feather fountain pen,
Guinea Fowl Feather fountain pen,
White Knight Fountain Pen and Pencil
Fountain pen and pencil set.
High class engraving
Have your fountain pen engraved by a master craftsman.

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White Knight Fountain Pen

Benefits to Switching Back To Fountain Pens

By M B

Benefits of switching back to fountain pens. Fountain pens have made a comeback of sorts recently and although fans of the writing instrument might say they never left, fountain pen usage had decreased due to technology. That is, technology and cheap, disposable pens. Now, many fountain pen manufacturers are creating new lines of fountain pens…

Are fountain pen sales on the increase ?.

By M B

Are fountain pen sales on the increase ?. You would be forgiven if you said the answer is definitely no they are not !!!. Well the honest answer is that yes fountain pen sales continue to grow year upon year, so the people at Westminster Pens are being told. With onset of the computer and…

Fountain Pen Ink

Does Fountain Pen Ink Fade ?.

By M B

Does fountain pen ink fade ? This question has been asked by many over the years, but the answer is not quite as simple as it would seem and it depends on a number of factors. Firstly the colour of the ink has to be taken into account and it is quite well known that…

Fountain Pen Nib

Fountain Pen Nibs

By M B

A fountain pen, a dip pen and even a quill all have a nib, its the part of whatever you are using that comes into contact with the paper that you are writing on. Apparently the modern fountain pen nib dates back to the times when gold nibs had a tiny piece of ruby attached…

Bottled Ink or Cartridge Ink?

By M B

At one time there was no choice – it was bottled ink or nothing. To be honest even the colour of the ink was very limited. Now the different bottled inks available is huge and they all have a trendy sounding name. With modern technology came the humble cartridge and this for a time seemed…

History Of The Fountain Pen

By M B

The fountain pen solved the problem of messy quills and pens that must be dipped in ink. The stains from dripping pens smear paper, hands, and clothes. The fountain pens contain a reservoir that holds water-based ink that enables longer writing periods. There are multiple ways that pens can be filled with ink, depending on…